Striving to Become Like the Evergreen Tree

In a world where we constantly seem to focus on the negative change that impacts our lives I look towards the evergreen tree as my source of inspiration and promise for a better life ahead of me.

It seems to me that each and every time a season begins to change, it’s human nature to be nostalgic for the previous months of summer bliss or winter coziness. We naturally turn away from change because it brings ahead new experiences we have to adjust to. We get comfortable with the way life is going in the hot sun. Finally when we’re starting to enjoy the adjustment of tanning outside next to the swimming pool, all of a sudden before we know it, fall sweaters are being pulled out from the backs of closets and pumpkin spice is abundant.


I like to think of our lives as an aspen tree in the changing seasons. We start out in the warm summer months. Life is going well. We feel comfortable in our own skin and with who we are and the choices we are making and flourish with bright green healthy leaves which give shade and happiness to those around in our presence. We feed off of all the good beautiful sunshine pouring down on us from the heavens above.

Then fall starts to creep. We slowly start to find difficulties and trials in our own lives. They wear on us and with their burden we begin to slowly feel happiness slipping from our fingers. We put on a show for those around us with brightly colored leaves to let others know that we are still doing just “fine” but really deep down we feel there’s an increasing doom.

Winter eventually hits. Sometimes it’s early on, sometimes it’s later in the season. Sometimes the winter is really harsh with lots of snow and sometimes it’s forgiving. However it’s still winter, and we lose our leaves. The winter makes us discouraged for what comes ahead. We don’t seem to be progressing at all. We feel our self worth diminishing and the harder the winter, the harder we feel it will be to come back with a full recovery from our trials.

But somehow, one bleak winter day turns into a semi-warm one, and spring begins to slowly crawl back once again. The more snow during the winter, the greener our leaves turn and the longer we last into the hot summer months. We begin to flourish again and we end up one year older and wiser too. A year for the better.

 Photo taken by Briona Gray @open_your_lense_photography on Instagram


However, what if we didn’t have to be like the aspen tree? So delicate, fragile and hopeless in some crucial lifetime moments that have the ability to shape who we are as an individual. What if we could commit ourselves to being like an Evergreen tree?

I look at the evergreen with respect and awe. The evergreen trees will actually alter their biochemistry to resist the freezing temperatures they need to endure. They are able adapt and make the best of their situation which is why they stay green and healthy all year long. Some of the world’s tallest, oldest, thickest, and largest trees are all majestic conifers.

They don’t give up when life gets hard, only to barely get by until the good times come again. The Evergreen tree makes the most of it’s situation with determination for better days. Could we start doing that? Maybe we could start trying to appreciate the bad days because we know that after the bad days are gone, the good days will seem so much better. Could we start trying to understand that the bad days are here because they’re making us just a little bit stronger each and every day?


Life gets hard for all of us. We all go through our fair share of bad days, weeks, and even years. Trust me, I feel like this past year I’ve been given more than enough to last me for a while. But with that thought in mind, let’s try to keep our chins up and our hearts open to the changes that happen around us. Look up to the light with full faith that it gets better and in the mean time, work on bettering yourself because of those experiences you’re going through. Remember who you really are. You’re strong and resilient and life gets better. It really does. Keep your spirits alive and well by surrounding yourself with others who radiate the same positive vibes and healthy souls.

Life is just too short for us to lose our leaves every time a winter comes in our own lives.


Picture taken by Briona Gray @open_your_lense_photography on Instagram




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  1. Awesome post! Even tho I’m a big fan of those Aspens (and Winter) I can see your point about those amazing conifers 🌲. Well said!

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